Specially designed structural glass can be used to create frameless glass balustrades for both internal and external use.
Fixings and supporting methods for frameless glass balustrades can be designed by the Contemporary Glazing design team to suit each specific project and floor structure. Glass balustrades can be integrated into patios, staircase designs, internal landings and balconies as required.
Additional supports such as exposed building connectors or handrails can be integrated into the overall glass balustrade design as requested and specialist curved glass can be used to create a curved frameless balustrade installation.
Various glass finishes can be applied to a frameless glass balustrades installation in order to achieve the overall aesthetic required. Decorative finishes such as kiln formed glass and various interlayers can produce a stunning balustrade design, whereas specialist glass products like low iron glass can be used to create extremely clear and frameless balustrade designs, perfect for use on sensitive or listed building projects.
Sometimes a balustrade can be a useful privacy screen on exposed balconies or roof terraces. Various decorative glass techniques, such as sandblasting, acid etching or translucent interlayers, can be employed to create a structural glass balustrade installation that can provide privacy whilst maintaining light.
A typical frameless glass balustrade installation will require a toughened laminated glass composition. The overall thickness and type of interlayer used will be designed by the Contemporary Glazing design team in accordance with line load requirements, location of the project and balustrade as well as the height.
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