Electrical Glass Solutions
Contemporary Glazing are a company at the forefront of glass technologies and new innovations and as such can do things with glass that no others can.
Glass is no longer a static building material. With advancements in glass technologies glass can now become a fully integrated and functional element of a building project, able to alter a buildings environment.
Electrical privacy glass contains a thin LCD interlayer within its makeup. When electricity is passed through this interlayer all the liquid crystals within it are orientated the same way; turning the glass from cloudy and translucent, to transparent.
This electrical glass solution is perfect for internal glass partitions to enable users to automate the privacy of glass partitions or elevations.
Electrical heated glass is another advance in glass technologies that enables a full heat source to be provided from the glass elements on the building. A transparent metal oxide coating within glass construction provides a radiant heat when electricity is passed through it, able to provide a full heat source to a glazed space.
These transparent, heating glass panels can be integrated into glass box extensions to provide the sole heat source for these new areas. It can also be successfully used within humid pool and spa areas to provide a warm glass surface where no condensation can form.
These specialist electrical glass solutions are advanced glass technologies with intricate design work required to enable them to work properly within a building. All control units and equipment is designed by Contemporary Glazing and integrated into the glass and building design and installed by our experts.
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