Glass Box Extensions
Several elevations and applications of structural glass can be brought together to form frameless, structural glass box extensions. The design team at Contemporary Glazing have extensive experience creating these complex glass structures, maintaining as minimal appearance as required.
Using integrated and slim steel supporting sections, stepped and back painted structural glass units and integrated opening doors, Contemporary Glazing can create a minimal glass extension to a house or other building type.
By using glass to extend a home or building you benefit from extending living areas whilst increasing light levels within the rest of the space.
Highly insulating double glazed units, including low e coatings and argon gas fillings are used as standard to ensure a high level of insulation to your glass box extension. Additional glass coatings, such as a solar control coating, can reduce worries such as overheating via solar gain ensuring that your glass box extension is comfortable and useable all year around.
Various opening door elements can be integrated within the structural glass box envelope for easy access into the garden or further external spaces. Specialist minimally framed pivot doors will give you the slimmest profiles whilst aluminium bi folding doors will allow you to effectively open up an entire face of you glass box extension to merge the new glass extension space with the outside areas.
The framing and required support for any opening doors will be expertly integrated into the glass box extension design by Contemporary Glazing to ensure a cohesive and attractive extension design from both inside and out.
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