Glass Roofs
Entire roofs can be created from frameless structural glass expertly designed by Contemporary Glazing. Glass joint supports, connections to buildings and drainage are all important aspects to consider when creating a glass roof. The Contemporary Glazing design and installation team have extensive experience in completing these complex structural glass installations.
Laminated glass beams can be used to support larger glass roofs. Low Iron Glass can be used to create these thick structural glass supports, reducing green tint to the glass installation. Alternatively steel section supports can support longer glass joints.
Connections and weather sealing to the existing building is important, as well as a full and detailed site survey before installation. Contemporary Glazing design and install structural glass roofs in two stages, taking all glass measurements from the installed first fix metal supports. This allows us to design and manufacture each glass unit to securely fit in place.
Additional glass coatings and processes can be included into the glass specification design such as solar control coatings to reduce over heating through large glass roofs, or low maintenance coatings to reduce cleaning and maintenance required to these frameless glass roofs.
Structural glass roofs can be design as fully pitched or flat, with a small lift for water run-off. Using integrated support and drainage glass roofs can even be designed to drain towards a building wall.
Specialist glass roof support and fixing details can be bespoke designed to suit more sensitive buildings, such as listed or heritage buildings.
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