Internal Glass Partitions and Doors
Internal glazing can be used to effectively separate different areas of a building whilst allowing light to travel freely through the space.
All standard internal glazing can be designed as frameless; using high specification single glazed, or laminated glass panels as required.
We endeavour to design all fixings and supports to be able to be hidden by building finishes, for a truly frameless glass partition or internal wall.
Internal glass doors can be similarly frameless, able to be installed within a frameless glass partition or alone within a wall opening. These internal glass doors are all bespoke made to suit each specific design requirement, from glass finishes to handle choices flexible.
The frameless internal doors designed by Contemporary Glazing can be pivoting, hinged or sliding as required. All internal sliding doors are top hung, with all sliding mechanisms able to be hidden away as required.
If you have the space you could design a frameless internal sliding door to slide completely away into a hidden pocket with a wall cavity - a great option for space partitioning in an open place living space.
Pivoting and hinged internal doors can be installed with no surrounding frame for a continuous threshold between spaces.
A wide variety of decorative glass techniques and finishes can be incorporated into a frameless internal door partitions. This finishes can be designed to be suitable to either create a decorative finish or create a more practical finish in the form of manifestations.
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