Oriel Windows
The modern take on a traditional bay window. Oriel Boxed Windows use various elements of frameless structural glass to create a 3D, pop out window box from the side of the building.
Frameless structural glass can be designed to create up to four sides of a pop out window seat; most designs will have a solid, structural window base to be used as a seating area. No framing is required to the glass installation. Structural silicone will be used to seal all glass connections and create a sleek, all glass window box with project specific steel supports and connections of the glass to building.
The 3D nature of the Oriel Box Window allows dynamic light ingress into a building, as well as creating an inviting and relaxing place to sit, read or just relax.
These types of modern glass window seats can be used on all manner of projects; from a modern rear extension and renovation project to a commercial café or bar area.
Contemporary Glazing can design opening window elements into a frameless Oriel Box Window design to allow for areas of ventilation. Additional steel supports and framing may be required but the designers at Contemporary Glazing will detail any required opening elements and associated supports to be as minimal as possible.
Additional decorative glazing elements such as coloured back painted glass can be designed to cover any solid structural supports required for a fully sleek external finish.
Modern Oriel Box Windows can be designed to almost any size required with all glass specifications and necessary support designed by Contemporary Glazing's in house design team.
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