Roof Lights
Frameless roof lights allow concentrated streams of light to enter a space through a largely solid and opaque roof structure.
Using frameless elements of structural glass Contemporary Glazing can create frameless roof lights to any size, shape and specification, negating the need for any unsightly framing and maximising the amount of glass, and therefore light.
As each project carried out by Contemporary Glazing is bespoke to suit that specific project there are no standard sizes; each frameless glass roof light is designed to suit your design aesthetic and opening required.
Internally you can finish the roof light to create a completely frameless internal view, with no fixings or supports on show. Externally, Contemporary Glazing design all glass fixings to create as minimal finish as possible.
For longer, thin, strip roof lights multiple panels of frameless glass can be silicone jointed together, maintaining that frameless minimal aesthetic with no framing required.
Frameless roof lights are fixed, but slim framed venting rooflights can be used to allow ventilation into a space. Stainless steel chain actuators push the aluminium frame open to allow ventilation and air flow. The slim aluminium frame can be powder coated to suit each project.
Contemporary Glazing can design venting roof lights to be integrated into longer runs of frameless strip rooflights to create ventilation within longer glass installations. Control for any auto ventilation rooflights is chosen and designed to suit each application.
Frameless roof lights can be double or triple glazed to suit your thermal performance requirements with all glass specifications designed by Contemporary Glazing.
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