Structural Glass Walls
Frameless pieces of high specification structural glass can be expertly designed and engineered by Contemporary Glazing to create long, frameless external glass walls. No visible framing is needed; each glass unit will be sealed together with structural grade silicone for an excellent and durable weather seal.
Create impressive glass walls using this expert technique of silicone jointed frameless glass that can even connect on corners with no external framing required.
The in house design department at Contemporary Glazing will detail and design each connection and fixing of the structural glass to the building in order to create the most minimal appearance possible whilst maintaining impenetrable weather seals to the frameless glass wall.
Contemporary Glazing uses the latest innovations in glass processing to be able to create extremely large insulated glass panels suitable for external use as frameless glass walls. Additional glass processes can be incorporated into a sealed glass unit for extra performance, such as a solar control coating for reduced solar gain.
All glass specifications will be designed to suit your application, building location and specified performance requirements to create a frameless glass wall installation that not only looks sleek and modern but conforms to all modern performance requirements.
Opening door elements, such as a bi fold door system or minimally framed pivot door, can be designed into a wall of frameless glass as required to create an access point. Contemporary Glazing can design and detail all connections and any required steel support maintaining a slim, modern glass appearance.
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